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Coated aluminum coil color coated aluminum coil

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Coated aluminum coil color coated aluminum coil




Product Detail

     Color coated aluminum coils may be strange to everyone for the first time. In fact, it is an important product of urban construction. At present, any beautiful home is indispensable for the presence of color coated aluminum coils. Let’s talk about some of the colored aluminum coils. characteristic.

colored aluminum coils

        (1) Flatness:
        There is no composite high temperature indentation on the surface. There is no residual stress on the plate surface and no deformation after shearing.
        (2) Decorative:
        Wood grain, stone grain, realistic material feel, fresh natural beauty. The pattern is free to do, giving customers a wide range of personality choices, enriching the human content of the product and giving people more enjoyment.
        (3) Weather resistance:
        Painted and high-temperature baked paint pattern, high gloss retention, good color stability, and minimal color change.
        (4) Mechanical:
        Made of high-quality aluminum, plastic and adhesive, using advanced composite technology. The product has the bending and flexural strength required for decoration. Under the four-season climate, the changes of wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation and expansion.
        (5) Environmental protection:
        Resistant to salt and alkali acid rain, it will not corrode and produce germs, and will not release any toxic gas, and will not cause corrosion of keel and fixing parts, and flame retardancy. According to national regulations.
        (6) Pollution:

colored aluminum coils

        This Color coated aluminum coils definitely not harmful to human health and is a good product certified by the state.

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