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Production process of aluminium coil strip

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Production process of aluminium coil strip




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The first is the production of raw materials, no matter the raw material is processed, and the raw material of the aluminium coil strip is aluminum ingot. The aluminum ingot is usually melted into aluminum water, and then the liquid aluminum water is put into the continuous casting machine, and the aluminum water is rolled through the casting mill. Usually the thickness of casting roll is between 8-10mm, which is the first step in the production of aluminium coil strip.

aluminum coil strip

The precision rolling process is then made by the finishing mill. The precision of the mill is usually controlled within 0.01mm. Of course, the finishing mill is a new rolling mill instead of the old type of equipment eliminated in 90s. The finishing mill rolling the rolled roll over and over again to the required thickness, which is second of the aluminium strip production. The Ministry step is also the most important step.

Then we need to cut and clean the rolling material after rolling, cutting edge is cut off the uneven edge after rolling, and cleaning is because the finishing mill is rolled in the rolling oil, so the surface oil pollution must be cleaned.

aluminum coil strip
Finally, annealing, winding and packaging, annealing is in the constant temperature of the annealing furnace for a period of time, through the high temperature change the internal grain size of the aluminium coil strip to obtain a variety of mechanical properties and elongation, and then after annealing, the need to reel through the winding equipment, after processing for various kinds of aluminium  strip packaging.

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