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decorative aluminum strips

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decorative aluminum strips




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Aluminum has many uses. We need it for many things in our daily life, such as curtain wall decoration. We can apply different colors to the aluminum strip according to the customer's needs. It's very popular.
Decorative aluminum strip is the treatment of aluminum plate or aluminum strip roll. It is a relatively popular decorative aluminum profile. The common decorative aluminum strips are fluorocarbon coating and polyester coating.
The advantages of decorative aluminum coil:
1. Rich color, strong decorative: decorative aluminum with realistic physical texture, fresh natural beauty. The group can do it at will, giving customers more personality choices and more beautiful enjoyment.
2. Strong weather resistance and stable color: the paint pattern formed by decorative aluminum strip coating and high temperature baking has high gloss retention, good color stability and little color difference change. The quality of polyester paint is reported for 10 years, and the quality of fluorocarbon paint is guaranteed for more than 20 years.
3. Advanced technology and high bending resistance: high quality aluminum material, plastic and adhesive are selected for decoration aluminum strip, and advanced composite technology is adopted. Under the four seasons of climate, changes in wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation, expansion, etc.
The decorative aluminum strip is widely used in the fields of plastic plate, aluminum veneer, aluminum ceiling, roof surface, leftover materials, cans, electronic products, etc. because of its very stable performance and not easy to be corroded. Its surface can achieve 30-year quality assurance after treatment. The weight per unit volume is the lightest of the metal materials. There are too many advantages of the decorative aluminum strip. You can learn more about this aspect Knowledge.
The main two kinds of paint for decorative aluminum strip are PVDF and PE, which are also called as fluorocarbon decorative aluminum strip and polyester decorative aluminum strip. The paint color and effect between them can be achieved all the time, but the price gap between them is not small. The main reason is that there is a big difference between the two paint costs. Fluorocarbon paint contains fluorine, which has better weatherability, longer service life and higher price.

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