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Glass hollow aluminum strip

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Glass hollow aluminum strip




Product Detail

The insulating glass is sandwiched between two layers of glass, which can separate multiple layers of glass and play a certain role in making. Meanwhile, the center of the insulating glass can also prevent the molecular sieve of the insulating glass. The hollow glass made of glass hollow aluminum strip can reduce the quality of the glass, save materials and reduce the production cost. The exhaust holes on both sides of the aluminum strip can ensure the molecular sieve Mars, absorb air, water and magazines, and ensure the light permeability even at low temperature.
Glass hollow aluminum strip brings many convenient applications to people's life. Welcome to our factory to buy products and look forward to your good cooperation with our factory.
Glass hollow aluminum strip is mainly made of high-purity aluminum as the main raw material. After dozens of processing, its surface is smooth, non corrosive and non oxidizing, which can effectively eliminate the atomization of an environmental protection building material.
It is one of the necessary components of insulating glass. The quality of insulating aluminum strip directly depends on the application effect and service life of insulating glass.
The anti-corrosion property of glass hollow aluminum strip is unique, and its surface is flat and smooth with high anti-corrosion degree.
Hollow aluminum products have uniform air permeability, good straightness, are not easy to deform in the process of application, and the size is quite stable. It is a product with outstanding reputation at present.
Another advantage of glass hollow aluminum strip is its high toughness. This product can be used with bending equipment to ensure its arbitrary bending, which is incomparable to other aluminum materials.

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