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Aluminum strip for aluminum plastic pipe

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Aluminum strip for aluminum plastic pipe




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Surface pretreatment of aluminum strip for aluminum plastic pipe. It is mainly degreasing and derusting, and the method is the same as the pretreatment of liquid paint. Putty for aluminum strip. The conductive putty shall be applied according to the defect degree of the workpiece. After drying, it shall be ground smooth with sandpaper, and then the next process can be carried out. Protection of aluminium strip (also called covering). If coating is not required on some parts of the workpiece, protective glue can be used to cover up before preheating to avoid coating.
Spraying of aluminum strip for aluminum plastic pipe. In the high-voltage electrostatic field, the powder gun is connected to the negative electrode, and the workpiece is grounded to form a circuit. The powder is ejected from the spray gun with the help of compressed air, which is negatively charged. The powder is sprayed on the workpiece according to the principle of opposite phase absorption.
Inspection of aluminum strip for aluminum plastic pipe. Check the coating of workpieces. If there are defects such as missed spraying, bruise, needle bubble, etc., rework and spray again. Defect treatment of aluminum strip. Repair or re spray the detected workpieces with defects such as missed spray, pinhole, bruise, bubble, etc.
Aluminum plastic pipe and aluminum strip are corrosion resistant. The surface of aluminum and its alloy is easy to form a compact and firm oxide protective film. This protective film makes aluminum have good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and water corrosion, only under the intense action of halogen ion and alkali ion will it be destroyed. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy can be improved by adopting protective measures.
Henan signi's aluminum strip for aluminum plastic pipe has good conductivity and thermal conductivity. Aluminum's conductivity and thermal conductivity are second only to silver, copper and gold. If calculated according to the mass conductivity, the conductivity is twice that of copper. The reflection of aluminum strip is strong, the reflectivity of polished surface of aluminum is more than 80%, and aluminum has good reflection to infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic wave, thermal radiation, etc.

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