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Aluminum Fin Strip For Radiator

Author:frank  Time:2019-07-18    Source:未知

Aluminum Fin Strip For Radiator




Product Detail

The aluminum fin strip for radiator is generally made of aluminum alloy (due to the insufficient hardness of pure aluminum, it is inconvenient to carry out a series of processing and technical improvement, although many manufacturers have already developed it, but it is also very expensive), because of the aluminum alloy Both processability and surface treatment are quite easy and simple, and their cost is quite low. Some friends may ask, copper is the best in today's radiator materials, and why not use it?
    Although the heat transfer coefficient of copper is almost twice that of aluminum, this does not mean that the heat dissipation effect of the copper heat sink can be twice that of the aluminum alloy heat sink (the heat dissipation performance of the heat sink is not only affected by the thermal conductivity of the material) . Disadvantages of copper: higher quality, higher density (higher static gravity or a certain quality by controlling the volume of the radiator), unsatisfactory hardness, etc. factor. Therefore, despite this, some of the heat sinks are manufactured using a combination of pure copper or copper-aluminum.
   The allow of aluminum fin strip for radiator:
    1.Al6063/ Al6061 aluminum alloy
    Excellent plasticity makes it possible to produce profile heat sinks in a process that can be extruded. It can manufacture almost any shape of heat sink, with mature technology, low price and high processing performance.
    2. Cast aluminum
    It is mainly used for radiators with large irregular shape radiators and equipment cabinets.
    3.LF/LY series
    Mainly used in electronic equipment radiators for special use environments. The use environment has certain requirements for hardness and corrosion resistance. Currently more used is LY12.
    4. Pure aluminum
    More used in environments with high thermal conductivity requirements. Generally used less.
    What type of material is used depends mainly on heat dissipation, use environment, and special requirements.

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