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Aluminum strip for channel letter

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Aluminum strip for channel letter




Product Detail

Aluminum strip for channel letter is a kind of aluminum sideband material widely used in all kinds of luminescent words. It mainly includes flat aluminum sideband, side luminescent flat aluminum sideband, single folded aluminum sideband, side luminescent single folded aluminum sideband, sponge strip aluminum sideband and side luminescent sponge strip aluminum sideband. Aluminum strip for channel letter and side light-emitting sponge strip are waterproof, which can be used indoors and outdoors, and are not affected by the weather.
Aluminum strip for channel letter adopts aluminum edge to make resin characters present in another posture. It has beautiful appearance and greatly increases the weatherability of luminous characters. It is strong and durable. LED is used as light source. It is energy-saving and environment-friendly. 12V is harmless to human body and super power saving. It is a cross era product to replace traditional luminous characters. (this quotation does not include tax, packing fee, installation fee, transportation fee and transformer power supply)
Aluminum strip for channel letter) high gloss, strong three-dimensional sense, three-dimensional full body luminous, good brightness uniformity, the shell is made of new acrylic material, super weather resistance, high light transmittance, no cracking, no deformation, no yellowing, LR imported color paste 5-8 years, no fading

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