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5657 aluminum sheet strip for cosmetic packaging

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5657 aluminum sheet strip for cosmetic packaging




Product Detail

Signi is a leading supplier of cosmetic aluminum packaging in China. Our 5657 aluminum alloy sheet and strip for cosmetic packaging has been well received by our cosmetics and perfume customers.
5657 aluminum alloy is specifically designed to meet the needs of the cosmetics packaging industry. Signi's decades of experience combined with our subtle manufacturing techniques guarantee the outstanding formability and consistent quality of the 5657 aluminum sheet. At the same time, our aluminum products have excellent surface treatment responsiveness, enabling customers to achieve bright, colored or polished finishes. Our long history of aluminum alloy manufacturing combined with a professional cosmetic packaging aluminum alloy R&D team has made Signi a leading supplier of aluminum for cosmetic packaging in China.
Surface treatment:
Signi offers a variety of surface treatments to meet customers' requirements for 5657 aluminum sheet strips. Our surface finishes are highly regarded for their uniform appearance and are perfectly suited for further processing such as brightening, anodizing, painting or brushing.
In addition to surface processing, many cosmetic packagings also require materials with optimized mechanical properties. Signi offers aluminum alloys with metallographic structure and mechanical properties of the 5657 aluminum alloy sheet to meet customer forming processes including tensile, deep drawing and spinning.
ISO 9001 - Quality Standard
ISO 14001 - Environmental Standards
Our products comply with FDA and European regulations regarding the use of aluminum products that touch food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Packaging and surface protection
We offer surface protections tailored to individual requirements, such as liners or protective films. Products are delivered in pallet or box. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.

Alloy 5657: High-purity alloy with excellent chemical surface treatment responsiveness and superior formability
Temper O,H24,H25
Thickness(mm) 0.3 – 1.0  Other specifications are available upon request
Width(mm) 24 – 1250 Other specifications are available upon request
Surface Fini Brillant: Used to meet the highest surface requirements
Commercial Bright: Used to meet stringent surface requirements
Brillo Industrial: Used to meet standard surface requirements
Glossy: no surface requirements

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