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3003,3005 aluminum coil foil for battery shell

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3003,3005 aluminum coil foil for battery shell




Product Detail

Aluminum for battery shell material is mainly used for cell phone battery shell in its application industry, so the manufacturing standard is very high. The aluminum coil plate mainly used for battery shell material includes 3003 aluminum coil, 3005 aluminum coil foil.
The main products of battery shell material are aluminum alloy plate of XXXX series, which are used in the fields of cell phone battery shell end cover, battery industry, etc. Signi aluminum strictly controls the production process and provides standardized products with low ear production rate and excellent performance. It is the supplier of Samsung, LG and other world-class enterprises.

Alloy Typical alloy Temper Thickness(mm) width(mm) Height(mm)
3000 series 3003、3005 H14、H16、H18 0.4-0.6 200-1500 C
Performance advantages
1,Control production process and provide standardized products
Battery shell material refers to high-purity aluminum alloy products formed by hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, stretch bending straightening and aluminum foil rolling. The production process is carried out in strict accordance with the industry standards. At present, signi aluminum company has passed the "ISO9001:2008" quality management system certification, and has established a strict quality standard system to ensure excellent performance of 3003,3005 aluminum coil foil for battery shell
2,excellent performance
The thickness of 3003,3005 aluminum coil foil for battery shell is 0.40-0.60mm, which has the advantages of low ear making rate, good deep drawing performance and welding performance. A small amount of manganese element is added to the alloy, which makes the product have high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and fast heat dissipation, and fully meet the requirements of the end material of cell phone battery shell.
3,With high reputation, it is the supplier of Samsung, LG and other international enterprises
In the field of 3003,3005 aluminum coil foil for battery shell material, the company has long-term cooperation with many international enterprises. It not only includes Shenzhen Tongli High Tech Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen AIA Tongbao Industrial Co., Ltd., which are large-scale aluminum shell manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries in China. At the same time, the company is also a supplier of battery accessories for Samsung Group, LG Group and other enterprises.

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