Roll coating aluminum coil defect formation factor

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Roll coating aluminum coil defect formation factor

Author:Frank  Time:2023-05-21
Roll coating aluminum coil defect formation factor





1. Raw materials
The most influential factors in the coating process are coatings and aluminum coils, because there are chromatic aberration between the batches, the coating fineness is not enough, the coating rate is not high, the compatibility of the coating and solvent, the delamination and so on will directly affect the coating effect and produce the defects' aluminum coil base material unevenness, film thickness uneven, side deflection. Poor and so on also directly affect product quality and overall use. Therefore, we need to be cautious and strict in choosing raw materials.

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2. Coating process
The coating process must be strictly regulated, and if there is a mistake in one link, it will cause defects in the aluminum coil. Therefore, it is necessary to control the relative speed ratio of coating roller, paint roller, metering roller and substrate in a certain range. According to different systems and film thickness of coating products, set a certain viscosity range for coatings, ensure smooth coating and improve product quality. The curing process of the coating and oven control must be controlled according to the requirements, and it must not be changed arbitrarily, otherwise, the quality of coating will be seriously affected.

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3. Coating equipment
The painting equipment requires smooth operation, no horizontal and vertical jitter, and the coating roller requires fine grinding. All rollers of the painting machine must be controlled within the allowable range, otherwise the surface quality of the coating will be seriously affected.

4, environmental factors
Keep the paint room clean and clean, dust proof, insect proof and certain ventilation performance to ensure that the surface quality of the painting is not polluted.

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5, human factors
If the operator who rolls the aluminum coil is not well experienced and the sense of responsibility is low, it will also cause the formation defect of the aluminum coil. Therefore, we should strengthen the training of the operator and the principle and key points for the operator to master the painting technology, improve the technical proficiency and the standardization of operation, strengthen the responsibility, and operate strictly according to the operating rules, so as to ensure the high quality of the coating product.

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