Cladding aluminum fin strip

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Cladding aluminum fin strip

Author:Frank  Time:2023-05-21
Cladding aluminum fin strip





Automotive heat exchange systems include condensers, evaporators, water tank radiators, intercoolers, heaters, oil coolers, etc.
Cladding aluminum fin strip is the core material for the production of automotive heat exchangers.
Automobile aluminum heat exchanger is composed of cooling water aluminum tube and heat dissipating fins. Aluminum tubes are generally made of 1xxx and 3xxx series aluminum alloys by extrusion and drawing. The heat dissipation fins are made of 3xxx series and 6xxx. It is made of aluminum alloy core material and 4xxx series and 7xxx series cladding aluminum fin strip.
The technical characteristics of the cladding aluminum fin strip  for automotive heat exchangers are the rolling composite process, which is coated with 4xxx series or 7xxx series aluminum alloy brazing material on one or both sides of the 3xxx series and 6xxx series aluminum substrate (core layer) ( Cortex), rolled together by high temperature and high pressure welding on the hot rolling machine, and then cold rolled to the finished product.
The cladding aluminum fin strip  is developed with the advancement of vacuum brazing technology. Its process feature is that the surface of the heat dissipation fin is compounded with a layer of brazing alloy. The thickness of the coating is usually about 10% of the total thickness of the composite material. , Its melting point should be about 50 ℃ lower than the base aluminum alloy, the melting point of the base alloy 630 ℃ ~ 660 ℃, the melting point of the coating layer 580 ℃ ~ 610 ℃. Therefore, after the assembled heat exchanger is kept in a furnace at about 600°C for a certain period of time, the fin base alloy will not melt, but the Al-Si alloy coating as the brazing material will melt, and they will be firm after cooling Ground brazed into one.

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