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hot melt aluminum nose clip

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hot melt aluminum nose clip




Product Detail

With the outbreak of the global epidemic, masks have become a must-have in people’s lives. In addition to strict standards for non-woven materials and technology, hot melt aluminum nose clips have also played an important role in masks. The quality and material requirements of hot melt aluminum nose clip are equally important. The role of hot melt aluminum nose clip on the mask is mainly to fit and shape the mask. Then how do we choose the right hot melt aluminum nose clip?
The common specifications of N95 masks are 0.4*5.0*90mm, 0.5*5.0*88mm, 0.8*5.0*90mm, 1.0*5.0*90mm. , 0.5*5*88 size is universal, in addition to hot melt aluminum nose clip, there is also a double-sided aluminum nose clip, double-sided aluminum nose clip is more troublesome to process and use, hot melt aluminum nose clip It's relatively simple, and safe and environmentally friendly. Because the size of the mask is different, you need to choose the right nose strip according to your product.

What role does hot melt aluminum nose clip play on the mask?
The hot melt aluminum nose clip of the mask is installed between the two sides of the nose to play a positioning role, so that the mask fits the wearer's face more closely, so as to effectively block dust, smoke, flu viruses, etc.
The production material of N95 mask hot melt aluminum nose clip is industrial pure aluminum, aluminum material, aluminum material has good stamping performance, good bending and bending properties, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, etc.;

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