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aluminum coils for bottle cap

Author:frank  Time:2019-08-29    Source:未知

aluminum coils for bottle cap




Product Detail

Aluminum and aluminum alloy cap materials are a new type of cap sealing material, which not only has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, but also the function of preventing counterfeit goods. Therefore, bottle caps have been widely used aluminum coils for bottle cap to produce beverage bottles cap, wine bottles cap, cosmetic bottles cap, medicine bottles cap, etc.
The 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 8 series aluminum coils for bottle cap produced by Henan Signi Aluminum can be used for the production of bottle cap materials. The common ones are 1060, 3104, 5052, 8011 and other aluminum materials. Signi Aluminum is the only aluminum sheet and strip processing enterprise in China that independently develops the “1+4” hot continuous rolling production line. The precision integrated plate type plate crown control system greatly improves the quality of aluminum coils for bottle cap materials.
Aluminum coil performance:
A: Width and thickness tolerances are executed according to the requirements of the craft card.
B: The surface is smooth, free from cracks, bubbles, penetrating pores, metal and non-metal indentation, and light and dark stripes.
C: During the rolling process, the surface quality is checked at least once every 3 rolls, and the surface quality is checked for each roll of the finished product.
D: Strictly guard the quality of the slice to ensure that there is no burr, knife back, and ruffle.
Technical Parameters:

Alloy series Typical alloy Material status thickness(mm) width(mm) length(mm)
1 series 1060 H14、H16、H18、H19 0.15-0.5 100-1600 C
3 series 3104、3105
5 series 5052、5182
8 series 8011

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