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aluminum keel strip

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aluminum keel strip




Product Detail

Aluminum keel strip is made of aluminum alloy rod by extrusion, stamping, spraying and other processes. Mainly used and decorated ceiling industry.
As aluminum alloy has the advantages of high strength, light weight and no corrosion, aluminum keel is occupying the market of ceiling industry with absolute advantage, widely used in shopping malls, hospitals, factories and other public places as well as home decoration.
Specifications of aluminum keel strip
It is mainly divided into groove keel and plane T-shape
According to the connection structure, it can be divided into flat plate, flat drop, drop grade and other types.
The length and size are divided into metric system and English system according to the different ceiling plates used.
According to the thickness and specification of the plates used, the main types of keel are 18 × 20 × 22 × 24 × 26 × 28 × 30 × 32 × 38 × etc
Each kind of keel is divided into main and auxiliary.
How to use aluminum keel strip
First, according to the situation of the room, calculate the size and quantity of the materials used
Draw a line to determine the hanging point and the horizontal fixed corner around the enclosure
Starting from one side, fix the main bone to a suitable height with a suspender or lifting wire and check that the level is in line with the corner
Insert the Fu bone, put it on the ceiling, level it and move on to the next row.
Application of aluminum keel strip
Decoration of hotels, factories, shopping malls, hospitals and families.

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