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aluminum dividing strip

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aluminum dividing strip




Product Detail

(1) The aluminum dividing strip is made of high-end imported raw materials (UPVC medical improvement grade) and special stainless steel (316 medical grade). Through the international advanced technology, the two are perfectly combined to achieve perfect air tightness and achieve more Excellent thermal insulation performance!
(2) The excellent thermal insulation performance of aluminum dividing strip can pass the most stringent dew point test (no dew condensation at -60℃) to achieve a good bridge breaking effect and make the home environment more comfortable.
(3) The excellent flame retardant and noise reduction performance of aluminum dividing strip can effectively improve the safety performance and quality of life of buildings.
(4) The perfect decorative effect and diversified colors of aluminum dividing strip can meet the customization needs of high-end customers and enhance the visual effect of doors and windows.
(5) Aluminum dividing strip does not require heating to achieve cold bending. It can meet any bending angle requirements in the production process. Such as: rectangle, arc, etc.
(6) The excellent weathering resistance of aluminum dividing strip can be adapted to different climatic conditions around the world, such as from the severely cold north and south poles to the hot equator.
Compared with aluminum spacers, aluminum dividing strip has ultra-low thermal conductivity, which can achieve efficient thermal insulation performance and effectively increase the temperature of the inner edge of insulating glass. The traditional aluminum spacer is the thermal conduction of composite warm edge spacers The amount of energy is about 2000 times, and the energy saving effect is more than 5%. It can effectively reduce the U value of the entire window by 0.2-0.4w/m2k and reduce carbon emissions.
The temperature difference of the hollow glass edge is more than 7℃, which significantly improves the energy-saving insulation effect of the door and window curtain wall system; it can prevent the frost and frost on the side of the door and window, avoid the growth of mold and bacteria, and ensure the health of the indoor environment; diversified colors create the perfect decoration effect of doors and windows.
Aluminum dividing strip is a high-quality thermal insulation product, which plays an irreplaceable role in doors, windows, curtain walls and a series of green buildings. In the future development process, aluminum dividing strip is bound to be the trend.

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