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Hollow glass decorative strip

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Hollow glass decorative strip




Product Detail

Hollow glass decorative strips are mainly used for outer glass decoration. Its optical performance, thermal conductivity, and sound insulation coefficient should meet national standards. Only when the structure is reasonable and the design meets the standard can the insulating glass exert its heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, and fire prevention effects. The surface gloss is good, there is no obvious oil stain, because if the oil stain is too much, the butyl glue will be difficult to beat, which will affect the quality and production of the hollow glass, and the air tightness is also Will greatly reduce (reduce), thereby shortening the use life  of the insulating glass. If you find too much oil when cutting the spacer, you must wipe it with alcohol until the oil is completely removed, or you can use white wine.

Hollow glass decorative strips are not allowed to have hard bends and side bends, and the surface is flat and smooth, rust-resistant, and high in corrosion resistance. The hardness should reach Mohs level 5. Under normal circumstances, the hollow glass decorative strips should be made of pure aluminum ingots as raw material, and the surface should be processed to achieve oxidation and corrosion resistance (paraphrase: refers to rot, Disappearance, erosion, etc.), and has excellent compatibility with other materials (Material) used in insulating glass

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