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6013 aluminum coil strip

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6013 aluminum coil strip




Product Detail

6013 aluminum coil is one of the superior products of Henan Signi Aluminum, with high processing technology. Henan Signi’s Aluminum 6013 aluminum coil manufacturer produces 6013 alloy aluminum coil with many advantages such as good oxidation effect, small deformation after processing, uniform quenching, etc. According to customer requirements, 6013 aluminum coil can be customized without milling, which saves costs; it is widely used in mobile phone card slots, buttons, computer brackets, mobile phone cases, computer cases, 5G base stations, trolley boxes, aluminum furniture, door panels/door handles, etc. The field enjoys a good reputation and reputation.

Uses and advantages of 6013 aluminum coil:
Internal stress is eliminated, cutting does not deform; it is widely used in underwear molds, shoe molds, precision machining, passenger car decorative plates/pattern plates, automobile chassis protection parts, automobile four doors and two covers, automobile wheels, automobile seats and other fields;
6013 aluminum coil specifications:

Alloy 6013 aluminum coil
Temper O、T4、T6、T651、F
Thickness(mm) 0.3-500
Width(mm) 500-2650
Length(mm) 500-16000
Application Mobile phone card slot, mobile phone case, mold, 5G base station, automobile, precision machining, etc.

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